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Celebrating Moms' Everyday

Mothers Day

I watched my Mom fill out an application.
I looked at the line that asks about past professions.
I thought to myself, that space is too small
To write down what she's been, to cover it all.
                                                                              - Marian N. Kehrley

This Mothers Day, we celebrate mothers all over the world with our selection of diverse books that showcase the loving relationship between a mother and her children in everyday ways!

Whether its' Mom, Mama, Mummy, Ma, Ammi or Amma  – this special person makes the mundane magical for their children, helps them navigate and understand the world around them, and of course, showers them with lots and lots of love. So here's a shout-out to all the mothers out there!



Trishala's Dream: Inspired by Jain beliefs of auspicious dreams that a mother has about the virtues of her child, this book is an ode to all mothers around the world and their powers to harness the unique qualities of their children. 

   my mothers sari

My Mother's Sari: This wonderfully evocative and beautifully illustration book creates fantasies from an everyday fabric. It explores the ways in which children play with their mother’s sari

Mina and the Monsoon: The monsoons have restricted soccer loving Mina to her home where she sighs and moans and potters around the house. In her boredom she stumbles on a surprising secret that makes her see her mother in a new light. 

Mommy’s Khimar: A heartwarming story about a little girl who revels in the warmth and comfort of her mommy's khimar (headscarf), and cherishes her relationship with her mom, grandma, and mom's friends!


Big Red Lollipop: Selected by the New York Public library as one of the 100 Greatest Books in 100 Years, this multi award winning book is a simple story about an older sister’s reluctance to taking her bratty younger sister to a birthday party, and how the mom steps in to remind them of their culture and the important of family! Dynamic and vibrant visuals complement Rukhsana Khan’s charming story. 

10 Gulab Jamuns: A fun story about two boys who can't resist the temptation to devour the yummy gulab jamuns that their mom has prepared for a family dinner - Read on to find out if mom gets mad or not!

The Boy & The Bindi: What does a mom do when her child wants to do something different? She supports and encourages them in the most gentle way, of course! In this beautiful story, a five old boy wants to wear a bindi (red dot traditionally worn by married Hindu women), and his mom encourages him and helps him to feel comfortable with his own identity. 

Supermom's Recipes: What's for dinner? The perennial question that moms often have to find an answer to! This book is an amazing resource of healthy and delicious snacks and meals for kids, with nutritional analysis, tips, and advice. 


 mom foriegn

My Mom Is A Foreigner But Not To Me: A celebration of moms who may appear different in the clothes they wear and the food they cook, but are the best nevertheless! This book romps through multiple cultures and honors their diversity.

The Hijab Boutique: Farah, a young Muslim growing up in Los Angeles, has to present a object that defines her mother for International Women’s Day. As she works on the class project, her relationship with her mother deepens and she learns more about her mom's troubles and the hard work she puts in to make sure all is good for Farah and her family. A gentle look at a mother-daughter relationship, perfect for a book club!  

PashminaNidhi Chanani’s stunning illustrations in Pashmina tell the story of an Indian-American girl who struggles to fit in at high school, and discovers more about her mother's past with the help of her mother's magical pashmina shawl. 

The Sky at our Feet: As an illegal alien, Jason's Afghan mother is at risk for deportation, and Jason's greatest fear unfortunately comes true one day. To help his mother, he has to make his way from New Jersey to his aunt in New York. The arduous journey involves a series of mishaps and a newly minted friend. A beautiful story that gently explores the bond between a mother and a son.

You Bring the Distant Near. Perkins' inter-generational story explores the quintessential mother-daughter relationship and the deep and complex bonds that form the crux of the relationship. A perfect one for book clubs!

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