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Books on Indian Art

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India has a rich tradition of art that includes pottery, sculpture, cave paintings, jewelry and textiles. Many of these varied traditions reflected the diverse beliefs and culture of the region. While some saw patronage from the royal empires depicting royal life, folk art also flourished showcasing the life and textures of people's lives. 

This curated collection features beautifully illustrated books and puzzles inspired by different Indian art forms. 


A Bhil Story: People from many central and western regions of India use pithora folk art to engage with the natural world around them. This story on rain and the need for water conservation follows a group of villagers seeking divine intervention for the drought they face. See how we combined a story reading and art activity here. 

A Trail of Paint: What begins as a boring trip to an art exhibition, ends up as an adventure story! The story captures Jamini Roy's evolutionary style in her paintings and a trip through the thorough the bylanes of Kolkata.

Barefoot Husain: A look at the life of the famous artist M F Husain and his penchant for going barefoot. In this story, a young boy offers to help him find his shoes and in the process they take off on a journey in and out of his paintings!

Bindu's Wedding: Renowned twin artists Amrit and Rabindra Kaur Singh tell a delightful visual and witty tale of Bindu as she observes her family prepare for wedding celebrations.

Captain Coconut and the case of the Missing Bananas: In his most mysterious case of the missing bananas, Priya Sundram uses an innovative graphic novel format with playful collages of many common household items to tell one appealing story!

8 Ways to Draw an Fish: Explore this innovative art activity book which shows you eight different folk and tribal art forms to draw the humble fish. And if you prefer drawing mammals also see 8 Ways to Draw an Elephant.

Eye Spy Indian Art: A romp through modern Indian art in an interactive Eye Spy format. Tracing different art movements from pre-Independence to prominent artists today, this book is a fun way to explore and learn more about Indian art forms. Makes for a great coffee table book for any art lover!

Gobble You Up: A Rajasthani trickster tale about a crafty jackal who tries to gobble up all his animal friends! Each book is unique with its handcrafted traditional Madna art silk screened onto paper.

I Saw a Peacock with a Fiery Tail: A visually stunning combination of 17th century British poem with traditional Gond art. With graphic appeal and a black and white color palette, this book is a feast for the eyes.

Raza's Bindu: A portrait of the life and works for SH Raza in this stunning book captures his inspirations, and illustrations. Art lovers can follow along with interactive games and worksheets to create their own masterpiece!

Where's the Sun:  A mother and child go searching for the sun in this vibrant and lively story. The Warli paintings alive brings the flora, fauna and the daily rhythms of village life.

Puzzles: Be sure to check our collection of 60-piece puzzles on traditional art forms such as Maithili, Chitra patralekha, which make unique gifts for all art lovers!

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    The Book on Indian Painting which was published by Kitaabworld is very informative, its also very useful to readers as your content spreads awareness about Traditonal painting like Bhil Art, Gond Art and so on.
    To get these kind of traditional Indian Art reach to for more info.

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