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Celebrating Differences

Celebrating Differences Diversity

Our 2017 theme for "A Kitaab for a Cause" explores the idea of “Celebrating Differences”. We feel it’s important for kids to grow up with diversity as the norm and research shows that being in diverse groups promotes better critical thinking among other benefits

Here is a curated list of books that explore the idea of of “Celebrating Differences


It’s Ok to be Different - This book is a must-read! Most children want to blend in so they don’t feel alone or stand out, but is it easy to blend in when your outfit is visibly different, or your food smells different? This book gives children confidence in their individuality and reassures them that it’s ok to be different!

Todd Parr’s fun and friendly book spells out the ways in which people can be different and is an age -appropriate way to introduce difference and celebrate our individuality. You could also tie this in with his latest release, Be Who You Are!

They All Saw a Cat - Does everyone react to the same situation in the same way? Would a mouse react the same way when it sees a cat as a dog would? Obviously not! This is another great concept to teach to the little ones to understand that we all view situations and people from our own perspective. Nothing like a cat’s eye view of the many ways of seeing!


The Barefoot Book of Children - Another essential read, especially for schools and preschools. This book showcases the daily life of children from all over the world - their different shapes, sizes, abilities and cultures! A great way to  visually present and talk about diversity and inclusion.


The Sandwich Swap - We recommend this book because food is something all children, even the young ones, relate to very easily. In this story, two best friends struggle over the differences in their favorite food. Will they be able to overcome their differences over a sandwich? Peanut butter or a Hummus sandwich, which one would you choose?

Stay tuned for our first campaign launching on Martin Luther King day - January 16th, 2017!

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