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Diverse STEM books


With back to school round the corner, young readers are excited to begin a new year. STEM books on science, technology, engineering and math can be an exciting way to learn and explore the world around them. Sparking their curiosity through asking questions and problem solving, good STEM  books also expose kids to learning through making mistakes and being open to change.

Here is our list of diverse STEM reads to charge up the young scientist in your life.


Around the World in Numbers: The perfect book for the number lover! With colorful illustrations and facts from around the world, prepare to to be amused and amazed by numerical facts big and small!

Chandra’s Magic Light: Chandra and Deepa's curiosity about a solar lamp inspires them come up with creative ways to buy one for their home. An educational and fun read with mixed-media illustrations encourages you to make a solar lamp of your own!

How to Weigh An Elephant: When the king puts out his call to weigh an elephant, even little Lilavati pitches in. When the royal advisors aren't up to the task, she comes up with a clever solution all by herself!

Ibn Al-Haytham: The Man Who Discovered How We See: During the Golden Age of the Islamic civilization, Ibn al-Haytham was a scholar who discovered the ways we see, and devised the scientific method of inquiry. 

Infinity and Me: Uma is pondering the meaning of infinity and how her asks everyone around her how they would imagine it. From a never ending number, race track to an ice-cream cone, this book tackles an enormous concept with heart. 

Iqbal and his Ingenious Idea: Iqbal is pondering on a project to submit to the science fair when he hits upon an ingenious idea that is sustainable and provides much relief at home too! 

Mathematwist Number Tales: Did you always wonder about the math behind the magic? This collection of stories from ancient Rome to China explore common math fundamentals with fun facts and more!

Maths Sutras from Around the World: Compute like a super computer by learning these math techniques or "sutras" from all over the world!

One Grain of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale: In a village hit by famine, one young girls request to the king to double her portion of rice leads to moral and mathematical learning. 

Sunita Williams: A Star in Space: Sunita's life took an intergalactic turn when she went from training to be a pillot to jetting off into space. Read about her thrilling adventure in this biography. 

Why the Sky Is Blue: Renowned scientist CV Raman explores the Raman effect in an accessible and fun way for inquiring minds of all ages.

Add these book to your STEM library! Check out our collection of Art books here.

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