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Let's Celebrate Diwali Giveaway


Take part in our KitaabWorld Count Down to Diwali Giveaway for a chance to win books on Diwali which explore all aspects of how it is celebrated across cultures, the story behind the festival and the spirit of Diwali throughout the month of October!

Our first giveaway features four copies of Let's Celebrate Diwali written by author Anjali Joshi and published by Bharat Babies. To find out about the author's favorite traditions on Diwali, go here.

Two lucky winners will be chosen at  random. In keeping with our Donate for Diversity Campaign , two winners will be chosen from school teachers and librarians to help increase diverse collections in their schools and libraries.

To take part, all you have to do is:

1. Like or Follow us on social media

2. Tag a friend

  • Tag a friend, teacher or librarian on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

3. Leave a comment

  • right here on this blog post to tell us you've taken part in the Let's celebrate Diwali Giveaway!

    Winners will be announced on October 25th. One entry per person on the blog. Good luck! Open to US residents ONLY

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      Madam Chiki:

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