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KitaabWorld's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Gift Guide

We live in a multicultural world today, and many South Asian families celebrate Christmas and give and receive holiday presents. This holiday, spice up your gift giving! 

Here's a holiday guide for presents with a unique South Asian twist that your kids, nieces and nephews are bound to love! 

Gifts for 0-2 years old:


  • Wooden Language Blocks: Beautiful handcrafted wooden blocks in Hindi, Arabic or Persian make a great gift which a child can relish for many years!
  • Seven Blind Mice: This South Asian classic is a 1993 Caldecott Honor Book, and is a fun story to teach children about different perspectives. The black and white background, with bright colors makes it a perfect introduction for babies too!


  • Fair trade Rattles!: Check out our collection of different rattles made by Indian artisans using natural vegetable dyes. These rattles are perfect for those little hands, and absolutely safe since they comply with all international toy standards. Did we mention you would even support a cause while giving a gift?

  • Gifts for 2-4 years old:

  • Padmini is Powerful: This book is our favorite because it makes Hindu gods and goddesses relatable to all kids through its simple words and fun illustrations! It also makes a kid feel powerful, and which kid doesn't love that!


    The Wheels on the Tuk Tuk!: For an international twist to the beloved nursery rhyme, The Wheels on the Bus, hop onboard this busy three-wheeled taxi in India! From an elephant encounter to a tasty treat to a grand fireworks display it's an exciting ride as the wheels of the tuk tuk go round and round!

  • Yoga Planet (Flash Cards): This is a great way to burn some energy (and those extra pounds gained during the holidays!) while having fun with a toddler. Toddlers pick their own cards which makes them feel in control, and the cards explain yoga poses in detail!

    Gifts for 4-6 years old: 


  • Gobble You Up: This handmade book is a work of art to be savored and passed on from one generation to the next! This lighthearted story, told in cumulative rhyme, is an adaptation of an oral trickster tale from Rajasthan, India, and is illustrated in finger paintings in the traditional Mandna art form.

    The Wise Fool: Fables from the Islamic WorldTwenty-two short, entertaining and instructive tales, selected from many told about Mulla Nasruddin, introduce children to this wise fool known across the Islamic world from the Middle East to western China. A must have in every child's library!


  • Cities of the World Memory Game: The perfect game for holiday travel, though fair warning - it can lead to many exciting discussions with curious minds! With 72 cards of  cities and famous landmarks from around the world, you are guaranteed hours and hours of fun! (and learning too!) 

    Gifts for 6-12 years old:

    Madan (60 piece puzzle): A stunning puzzle based on Madhubani art, this one surely makes a unique gift. Children can make this 60 piece puzzle, try to replicate the Madhubani art on this puzzle, and it could even be framed once the kids have outgrown the puzzle!
  • Tiger Boy: Winner of the 2016 South Asia Book Award, and a great book to expose children to the Sunderbans, a unique mystical place in India. This book lends itself to discussions about decision making - saving a tiger cub v. making a quick buck; environmental issues and personal values. 

  • Barefoot Book World Atlas: This book celebrates cultural diversity and highlights the ways different people care for this planet we all call home. The book features a pull-out map and fold-out booklets and panels and pairs well with an iPad app.

    Gifts for 12+ years old:


  • Eye Spy Indian Art: This award-winning book was released just a few months ago, and is exclusively available in the US through KitaabWorld! It introduces children to Indian Art through an eye spy game. It traces the development of modern art history from just before Independence and features prominent artists under the various art movements. 

  • Gamaya Legends: Twin Pack: This is a perfect gift for those kids who love Minecraft and Xboxes! They can learn the Ramayana while having fun playing with smart electronic toys! 

    Gift Card ($10-$100): We know 12 year olds have a mind of their own, so why not give them a gift card, and we're sure you'll be surprised by what they may pick from our vast collection! 

  • Psssst! Don't forget to pat yourself on the back and pick up something for yourself too for being so nice!
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