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Muhammad - KitaabWorld


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Muhammad is the messenger of Islam.

Born in Mecca in the year 570, Muhammad grew into a sensitive and thoughtful man who believed deeply in the worship of one true god.

In his fortieth year, Muhammad experienced a revelation from the angel Gabriel that he, Muhammad, was the messenger of God. Over the next twenty-three years, he received many such revelations, all of which were written down by scribes at the time of revelation to become the Koran, the sacred scripture of Islam, a religion that is practiced by nearly one-quarter of the world's population and holds as its most sacred tenet that there is no god but God.

Through a clear text and stunning illustrations based upon those of traditional Islamic expression, the award-winning artist Demi here introduces the remarkable life of the Prophet Muhammad for young readers.

Age: 7 and up
Language: English 
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 48
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Author: Demi
Dimensions: 10 x 0.4 x 10 inches
ISBN-13:  9780689852640

KitaabWorld Book Review:  This exquisitely illustrated, well-written and researched book makes it a perfect introduction on the origins of Islam. Award-winning author and artist Demi traces the life of Prophet Muhammad and overcomes the challenge of not being able to depict him with the creative use of gold leaf. Highly recommended for adults and kids!

This book is also part of our CELEBRATING ISLAM book list.

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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic Story and Illustrations

We've read this over and over again! It's really a great book for teaching children the story of the Prophet Muhammad and I think that most adults will also enjoy it also. The illustrations are outstanding and offer a lot of depth to the story while also fulfilling the simple task of just keeping younger children interested. The book is a longer read than most other picture books, when my children want to read this before bed (and I am usually REALLY tired at the end of the day) so sadly it has taken us 2 or even 3 nights to complete at times, but they don't bore of the story so we just pick up where we left off and usually they want to start it over once we finish! Definitely a book worth purchasing and having in your home library.

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