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Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth - KitaabWorld

Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth

$ 7.99

The bold, bright colors of India leap right off the page in this fresh and funny picture book adaptation of how Ganesha came to write the epic poem of Hindu literature, the Mahabharata. Ganesha is just like any other kid, except that he has the head of an elephant and rides around on a magical mouse. And he loves sweets, especially the traditional dessert laddoo.

But when Ganesha insists on biting into a super jumbo jawbreaker laddoo, his tusk breaks off! Ganesha is terribly upset, but with the help of the wise poet Vyasa, he learns that what seems broken can actually be quite useful after all. With vibrant, graphic illustrations, expressive characters, and offbeat humor, this is a wonderfully inventive twist on a classic tale.

Age: 4 and up
Language: English
Format: Hardcover, Paperback
Number of Pages: 40
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Author: Sanjay Patel and Emily Hayne
Dimensions: 10 x 9  5/8 inches
ISBN-13: 9781452145563

Book Review

"A colorful, modern, humorous, loose-retelling of how Ganesha broke his tusk. This book is full of kid-appeal that can serve has a good first introduction to the elephant god.

This book would work well for storytime, it provides a first glimpse into Hindu mythology for young kids. For classroom settings, I would recommend supplementing this book with other traditional retellings." - Flowering Minds. More here. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth

Wonderful storytelling

My 4 year old daughter loves this book. She really enjoyed the story of Ganesha made fun with Mr mouse. We read it over and over again. We also love the beautiful artwork which we try to copy and draw.

5 star

Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth

Unique and engaging to preschool aged children

Ganesha is one of Hinduism's most lovable gods. According to the mythology, he does have quite a sweet tooth, though eating a "super jumbo jawbreaking laddo" was most definitely not included in the original. Mr. Patel stretches the ancient story, to follow young Ganesha as he breaks his "tooth", aka. tusk, on this jawbreaking laddo, which lands him the important role of writing down the epic tale of Mahabharata, with his broken tusk. I am impressed with the changes to the original story, because children can relate to this young god and his self-consciousness while missing a "tooth" - it's exactly what happens to young children when they start loosing their teeth. The art is attractive, though a little to minimalistic to my taste. I enjoyed the designs, but I am not sure if its the most effective designs for young children, as they may not notice all the easter eggs hidden in the images. The pacing is interesting, because the story that Mr. Patel chooses to tell, fits within the page count. I felt like the loose adaptation suffered a bit in explaining the Mahabharata. The story is very detailed and too complicated for the premise of this book, but the art linked to the Mahabharata was left without context.
I can see this book being very popular with early elementary students.

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