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A Kitaab for a Cause

At KitaabWorld, our mission is to connect people to South Asia, one book at a time. Given the world we live in today, we began to think deeper about these troubled times and the disconnect in the world around us.

We believe that sharing books and stories is a wonderful way to connect with others. A good story can cross many borders and touch people in unexpected ways. Learning about our similarities, celebrating our differences  and sharing our stories can go a long way to creating tolerance and acceptance. 

We strongly feel that learning about other cultures and different faiths should begin at an early age.  We focus on children, because children are open and accepting of new people and ideas. Teaching them about differences at an early age can set the tone for them to learn about, experience and accept diversity.

We want to do our part to change and expand horizons for the future generations. 

So join us as we launch “A Kitaab (book) for a Cause” campaign where we explore many stories, myriad realities and weave the texture of diverse people - their  lives, cultures, humanity and beauty into our understanding of the world.

In 2017 we will explore the idea of “Celebrating Differences”. We feel it’s important for kids to grow up with diversity as the norm and research shows that being in diverse groups promotes better critical thinking among other benefits. To explore the idea of “Celebrating Differences”, we encourage you to start with this curated set of books.

A Kitaab for a Cause: Counter Islamophobia through Stories

Check out our first campaign launching on Martin Luther King day - January 16th, 2017, "Counter Islamophobia through Stories" and see the entire collection here



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