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Counter Islamophobia Through Stories: Resources

Articles, Reports and other Resources


On the meaning of Islamophobia:

CAIR: Islamophobia is closed-minded prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims. An Islamophobe is an individual who holds a closed-minded view of Islam and promotes prejudice against or hatred of Muslims. 

On Impact of Islamophobia:

SAALT 2017 Report: Power, Pain and Potential: South Asian Americans at the Forefront of Growth and Hate in the 2016 Election Cycle. 

2016 Noor Kid's Muslim Children's Identity Study

On Countering Islamophobia:

UNESCO Guide for Educators on Countering Islamophobia

How to Support Muslims in Trump’s America 

How Should We Combat Islamophobia?

For Teachers:

In the Face of Xenophobia: Lessons to Address Bullying of South Asian American Youth 

In a Time of Islamophobia, Teach with Complexity

On Contributions of Islam

What's Missing in the Teaching of Islam in the US

On the Importance of Teaching Islamic Art - "The history of Islam, like that of any religion, has never been an easy one. Yet its cultural legacy describes a faith that spans at least three continents and almost two millennia. I speak about the great automatons designed by medieval mathematicians and engineers; of the vibrant literary and artistic culture of Mosul, where Christian and Muslim artists created beautiful works of calligraphy and painting; of the fine-arts academies in Damascus; and of the architectural commissions that lured Frank Lloyd Wright to Baghdad. For the 50 minutes we spend together, my students and I are transported to a world of possibilities. It is an important lesson, of what one day these students will have to rebuild."

See also our Lesson Plans page. 

For Parents:

A Muslim Parent's Guide to talking to Muslim Children After An Act of Violent Extremism. 

How to Talk to Muslim Kids About Trump 

On Islam

Idiot’s Guide to Islam

Top 10 Books About Muslims and Islam




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