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Hinduism for Children Activity Workbook - KitaabWorld

Hinduism for Children Activity Workbook

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The Hinduism activity book provides a fun way to learn this great religion. It uses puzzles and activities to explain the fundamental concepts of Hinduism. The activity book has several sections, each section building upon the previous one. The first section deals with the philosophy and common concepts in all branches of Hinduism, including the concepts of Purusharth, Atma, Bramh, and the different ways to attain moksha in different Hindu branches. The second section deals with Hindu gods and legends. The third section covers major Hindu festivals, and the final one has a brief introduction to Hindu time-keeping including the concept of the four yugas. For each activity that is completely correctly, the reader can earn stars and tally them to obtain his or her level of awareness about Hinduism. Through the different word puzzles, mazes, matching games and other activities, this book provides one of the most unique and fun ways to teach yourself Hinduism.

Age:  5+
Language: English
Number of Pages:
101 pages
Dinesh Verma

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