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Introduction to South Asia Book Bundle (Elementary School)

Introduction to South Asia Book Bundle (Elementary School)

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Here's a wonderful set of stories to introduce young minds to the diverse stories from South Asia.

Razia's Ray of Hope: One Girl's Dream of an Education - Based on a true story of students from the Zabuli Education Center for Girls outside of Kabul, Afghanistan founded by a generous and resourceful woman named Razia Jan. See more here
Mahavira: The Hero of Non-Violence - Mahavira was a born prince, who had deep love and respect for all living creatures who renounced his wealth and power to become a wandering monk. Learn about his story, see more here
Sona and the Wedding Game - Sona has an important responsibility at her sister's wedding. She has to steal the groom's shoes! Learn more about this wedding tradition here.
The Wise Fool - The adventures and misadventures of Mulla Nasruddin has valuable lessons for all! See more here
King for a Day - This story set during the Basant festival, tells Malik's story through the backdrop of Lahore. See more here
Ancient India - Explore India's rich history in this handy guide to its rulers, people, foods, geography and history. See more here. 
Buddha Stories - This beautifully illustrated book has many engaging tales from Buddha's life. See more here
Sarla in the Sky - A great story about the inspirational story of India's first female pilot! See more here
One Grain of Rice - An enduring tale about how a clever girl outsmarts a selfish king. See more here

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