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The Hijab Boutique - KitaabWorld - 1

The Hijab Boutique

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Farah enjoyed her private girls' school and fun with her friends. Then an assignment meant she had to talk about her mother for "International Woman's Day" in front of the whole class. Compared to her friends' glamorous actress, make-up artist, and tap-dancing mothers, what can her modest mother possibly have that is worth sharing with her classmates? To Farah's surprise, her mother was quite the business woman before putting her career on hold to care for her daughter.

Michelle Khan is an award-winning Indian Canadian writer. She started her career at a University of Toronto student paper, and eventually her words hit daily newspaper pages. For six years, Michelle wrote an internationally syndicated youth advice column. Her work led her to win a $5,000 scholarship from book publisher Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. She went onto earn a $15,000 award from Global Television Network. Michelle lives in Toronto, Canada, with her parents and younger sister. This is her first chapter book for kids.

Age: 8 and up
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 56
Publisher: Islamic Foundation
Author: Michelle Khan
Dimensions: 5.7 x 0.2 x 8 inches
ISBN-13: 978-0860374688

"The Hijab Boutique is a wonderful book that will appeal to young readers age 10 and up. Black and white illustrations add to the message's impact. One of the striking attributes of The Hijab Boutique is its sensitive treatment of the topic of respecting cultural differences, and rethinking automatic responses." The Midwest Book Review

"Michelle Khan's first children's book, The Hijab Boutique, is a quick read with a deep and resounding message... I’m excited to have such a simple yet profound story to share with my nieces, and any other girl who cares to read and learn a meaningful lesson about inner strength, faith, and womanhood through another’s eyes." —Luxury Reading

KitaabWorld Book Review:  When Farah, a young Muslim growing up in Los Angeles has to present a object that defines her mother for International Women’s Day; she wonders how her modest mother would compare to her friend’s glamourous and accomplished moms. Learning about her mother helps her to discover her own cultural and religious identity. A wonderfully written book that illuminates individual choice around the hot button issue of wearing a headscarf or hijab. Written from the perspective of a young girl, her transformation and realization that what is different about us makes us unique is a lovely inspirational message.  This book is also part of our MUSLIM KIDS AS HEROES book list.

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The Hijab Boutique

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