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Bye, Bye, MotaBhai! - KitaabWorld

Bye, Bye, MotaBhai!

$ 10.99

Do you ever think of your future – will you be an astronaut, a surgeon or a wildlife photographer? What if animals too have such ambitions? What if a rhesus monkey wishes to be a school bus driver or a hard-working donkey wants to be a movie star? Just imagine what they would do to get what they want!

Pavan, an over-worked camel in the city of Ahmedabad, India, hates his job. He often dreams of being a racing camel in Dubai. But hitched to a heavy vegetable cart and with his owner Motabhai around, how is this possible?

One day, Pavan finds a way to escape with a little help from some kind-hearted children. He makes a mad dash through the city along with Bijilee, a dhobi’s donkey whom he befriends on the way. The pair causes a riot in the narrow, bustling streets of old Ahmedabad, as they race past its historic monuments, with Motabhai, an auto-driver, a policeman and a washerwoman hot on their trail!

Age: 6 and up
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 44
Publisher: Yali Books
Author: Kala Sambasivan (author), Ambika Sambasivan (illustrator) 
Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches
ISBN-13: 978-0989061506

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Perfect for those interested in learning more about India

This series is perfect for those interested in learning more about India. As we visit each of the cities Pavan will eventually travel through (the next book takes him to Jaipur), the antics of this crazy crew keeps it fun. The beautiful illustration by Ambika Sambasivan brings the city to life.

-Ann Belle, Kids Travel Books

Amused by the adventures of the camel that dreamed big

"The illustrations are a delight! It’s interesting how they carry the same vigor in innocence and goofiness that’s also thematic to the story. Pavan’s periodic and catchy chants keep up the mood of a chase. Throughout, we come across pointers to landmarks distinct to the historic city of Ahmedabad. Did Pavan see the last of Motabhai? Even the ending doesn’t say it! But one thing’s for sure, as children get off the ride, they’ll be left thoroughly amused by the adventures of the camel that dreamed big."

- Meera Sriram, InCulture Parent

Jog your kid's imagination

"As I flipped through the pages of Bye Bye Motabhai!, by Kala Sambasivan, I was reminded of my trips through downtown Ahmedabad. ...For a parent who wants to jog their child’s imagination and have them explore a well-known area of India through the pages of a book—this is just the ticket they should book."

- Jesal Dholakia Gandhi, Valley India Times

Well written and deliciously funny

"Bye, Bye, Motabhai! is well written and deliciously funny. It takes readers right to the heart of Ahmedabad, with passing geographical references in the text as well as its solid visual roots and a glossary at the beginning of Hindi and Gujarati words that appear in the story. With the promise of further adventures as Pavan pursues his dream of reaching Dubai, readers have much to look forward to – and in the meantime, Pavan's cheeky chants will no doubt be repeated at many a story time, and may even cement a few ideas in young minds about the value of following one's dreams, as well as the need sometimes to jump over seemingly impossible hurdles to do so."

- Marjorie Coughlan,


Unleash your inner camel

"Readers become caught up in his quest, cheering for the camel -- and rising up against the adult world’s rigidity. The book teaches not only literacy and morals, but also offers a vista into the six million-population city Ahmedabad, India, introducing its flavors, tapestries, and vocabulary. An entreaty to chase your ambitions wherever they may lead, Bye, Bye Motabhai! thrills with its whimsical collages, cultural lessons, and life advice for readers of all ages." - - Rebecca Huval, Hyphen Magazine

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