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Donate for Diversity

Are you looking for the perfect introduction to South Asia? Curious about the Ramayana, Mahabharat or other epic folk tales? Want to know the cultural traditions behind Chand Raat and Diwali?

Frustrated that your school libraries, public libraries or bookstores don't have any of these diverse books?

We have bundled up a bunch of great reads in our Book Bundles for kids of all ages! We even have bundles classified for different schools based on books commended by the South Asia Book Award. 

Look up our introduction to South Asia for preschools. Take a fun trip on a tuk tuk, learn the alphabet from familiar South Asian sights and sounds or see how we are all same, same but different.

Are your elementary age kids eager to share their holidays with their friends? Check out the colorful and vibrant festivals of South Asia! Celebrate Durga Puja, Eid, Diwali, Holi and more! 

Middle and High schoolers will be totally immersed in epic tales about deities, flying gods, demons, spinning tales and a wise old fool. Learn about age old folk stories with a distinctive modern touch. 

Check out all of our South Asia Book Bundles and donate for diversity! Also, remember to share our Lesson Plans page with any teachers you know!



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