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Lesson Plans

Lesson plans and activities related to books are helpful to teachers, home schooling families and parents to guide conversations from the books to ideas.
We have created a curated list of such lesson plans and activities for books that are available on KitaabWorld. Click on the book title for the lesson plans and do support us by buying the book from KitaabWorld! If you know any lesson plans that you think might fit well here, do send us an email at

South Asian Festivals and Religions

From learning about the meaning behind the lights of Diwali, to the spirit of fasting in Ramazan to the key pillars of Sikhism, these books come with a lesson plan to tell you more about these festivals and religions.
Lailah’s Lunchbox (Ages 5-8)
Night of the Moon (Ages 5-10)
My First Sikh Book (Ages 2+)
The Diwali Gift (Ages 3-7)

Children's Rights

These book sheds light on the children's right to education and their right to freedom.  
Dear Mrs. Naidu (Ages 12+/Grades 6-10)

Identity and Gender Roles

5 to 1 highlights issues around gender discrimination, while Same Same But Different introduces the idea of difference as well as how our own sense of belonging creates roots for our identity.  Ruby's Wish touches addresses gender discrimination issues in South Asia.
            5 to 1 (Ages 12-18)   
              Same, Same but Different (Age 4-8)
                 Ruby’s Wish (Ages 5+)

Trips to South Asia 

These books will explore children to elements of South Asia without stepping into a plane. 
Extra Credit (Ages 8+)
Razia’s Ray of Hope (Ages 7-12. See also additional Lesson Plan
Rickshaw Girl (Ages 7-11)
Shooting Kabul (Ages 8+)
Three Cups of Tea (Ages 8+; See also additional Lesson Plan

Folk Stories 

Room in your Heart ( Teaching and Activity guide, 3+) 

A Bucket of Blessings (Study guide - ages4+) 

Neem the Half-Boy (Grades 3-5)
One Grain of Rice (5+; See also advanced Lesson Plan

Partition stories

These books use the Partition as a backdrop to their stories and the lesson plans help you learn more about that time.
A Moment Comes (Grades 8-12)


These books have tell the stories of people in different ecological environments and intersect ideas of community, history and the environment. 
Tua and the Elephant  (8+, with additional Lesson plan

Young Readers

For our youngest readers ( 2 to 5 years) these books are fun ways to talk about basic concepts and ideas. 
Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth (Fun activities for 2-5 year olds!) 

Other South Asian Stories 

The Rumor (4+)
The Birdman (Grade 3-4) Environment Acitivities Teacher Study Guide 
Namaste! (5+)


These books will give you more insight into on dance and yoga

World Stories

Diverse and multicultural global stories that connect us all! 
The Man With Bad Manners (4+, with additional Lesson Plan

Food Stories

Tasty adventures around the world!


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