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Kitaabworld's first publication is Room In Your Heart, (March 27, 2018) a heartwarming story from Bhutan which reflects their tradition of hospitality. The book which was awarded as a highly commended book by the South Asia Book Award 2019, is a universal story about kindness and the generosity of spirit. 

There will always be room in your home, as long as there is room in your heart." -  a stirring message that has a striking relevance in today’s troubling times. This North American edition is also packed with additional fun facts on Bhutan that take you on a trip to this little-known place. 

"A simple and sweet introduction to Bhutanese culture that’s as unvarnished as its protagonist’s home." - Kirkus Review

"Room in Your Heart" is a thoroughly charming tale for children 3 to 6 that also contains an important teaching about openness and generosity of spirit." - MidWest Book Review

"This endearing story offers young readers more than an introduction to Bhutan–it offers a memorable story that can serve as a touchstone text for opening room in your students’ hearts throughout the year." - The Classroom Bookshelf, A School Library Journal Blog

"Room in Your Heart revolves around the virtue of hospitality – a central belief and practice in Bhutan – as well other universal messages including generosity, kindness, hospitality, sharing, caring, respect, and empathy." - Barefoot Librarian

Buy Room in Your Heart hereYou can also purchase the book from Barnes and Noble, Books A Million!Amazon and Chapters Indigo, and leading distributors such as Baker and Taylor, Follett and Ingram.


Our second book, Bhimrao Ambedkar: The Boy Who Asked Why ( April 14, 2018) is about a boy who asked why and dared to stand up to create change when he couldn’t find rational answers!

A lesser-known hero of India’s freedom movement, Babasaheb Ambedkar is an inspiration for all of us. He was born into a low-caste in a rigid society but his status and experiences informed his life choices. He worked hard to educate himself and fought for the rights of marginalized people. Babasaheb went on to become India’s first law minister and established ‘equality and justice for all’ as the founding principles of the Constitution of the world’s largest democracy.

Bhimrao Ambedkar: The Boy Who Asked Why provides a biographical account of his life with the hopes of igniting young minds and bringing discussions on race and discrimination to the fore. We’ve included an informative timeline and a glossary for easy reference in this North American edition. This book also won an honorable mention by the South Asia Book Award committee in 2016. 

"The Boy Who Asked Why is a picture book biography with the potential to ignite in young readers their own questions in the pursuit of justice and the inspiration to read more about the lives of other influential leaders from around the world." - The Classroom Bookshelf, A School Library Journal Blog

 "I would highly recommend it to students learning about emancipatory movements around the world, there are so many parallels to be drawn here." - The Parent Voice 

Buy The Boy Who Asked Why here. You can also purchase the book on AmazonBarnes and Noble and BAM, and from leading distributors such as Baker and Taylor, Ingram and Follett.


Share the love for multicultural books where you live! Request Room in Your Heart and The Boy Who Asked Why in your school and local libraries through the "Suggest a Purchase" option, recommend them to local bookstores and help get these books front, center and circulating in our communities.

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