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With evocative poems by Kayan Shah and Sana Anand and colorful drawings by Rayhan Bhattacharya and Naisha Jha, see what kids have to say about the festival of Holi!

Read Khadija Ijaz's take on how stereotypes, Muslim or otherwise, are everyone’s problem.

Read Olinda Hassan's story about celebrating Eid in a time political upheaval where Islam is linked to Islam ' to fear, hate, and the freedom to live as ourselves.'


Here are a few stories from MALA’s “Muslim American Journeys” program that we are sharing as part of the Counter Islamophobia Through Stories campaign. The personal stories we present are a sounding board to learn more about not only the storyteller, but also the broad range of diversity within the Muslim American community.

Read Diba Ataie's story "Unique Like Everyone Else" about growing up across continents as an Afghan refugee, challenges of school and fitting into a new culture and finally coming full circle to help her community. 

Do you have a story to share - an inspiring experience on your attempts to counter Islamophobia, or growing up Muslim in the US? Email us at and get featured on KitaabWorld! 

 Learn more about Counter Islamophobia through Stories and see how we can fight hate with knowledge! 





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