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Adventures of Feluda: The Golden Fortress

Adventures of Feluda: The Golden Fortress

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A boy who can recall his past life. A hint of hidden treasure. An adventure in the desert of Rajasthan . . . In one of their most hair-raising escapades ever, Feluda and Topshe set out for Rajasthan on the trail of the parapsychologist Dr Hajra and Mukul, a boy who claims he remembers his previous life.

On the way they meet Jatayu, an author of popular crime thrillers, who decides to accompany them. After numerous adventures, including an impromptu camel ride across the desert, they reach Mukul’s Golden Fortress, where Feluda unravels the many strands of a complex case. See more Feluda books here. 

Age: 8+
Language: English 
Format: paperback
Number of Pages: 128
Publisher: Penguin Books
Author: Satyajit Ray

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