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The Dugong and the Barracudas - KitaabWorld

The Dugong and the Barracudas

$ 9.95
One of India’s most popular young adult writers, Ranjit Lal is back—this time with the moving tale of Sushmita and the bullies who try to take her down. When Sushmita shows up for her first day at Rugged Rocks High with a sweet round face and innocent eyes, the principal is worried. “Putting that lovely child amongst our kids?” she exclaims, “it’s like putting a dugong into a tank of barracudas!” And she’s right to worry, because Sushmita is just a bit slower than her classmates. But we quickly see that Sushmita has special ways to fight back against bullies and soon she’s changed all of her classmates’ lives for the better.

In Dugong and the Barracudas, Lal tackles questions of prejudice, bullying, and special needs with his signature blend of humor and insight, challenging young readers to step out of their own skins and see the world through someone else’s eyes.

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