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10+ books to learn about Sikh faith and culture

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People of the Sikh faith from all over the world will come together to celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti on November 12, 2019 - the birth anniversary of the founder of Sikhism.  

Sikhism is a religion that originated in the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent about the end of the 15th century. It is one of the youngest of the major world religions.

Here are our recommendations on books that give you an introduction to Sikhism, and provide a window into the traditions and culture of people who practice the Sikh faith. We've also rounded up stories with a distinct Punjabi flavor, including bilingual books! 


My First Sikh Book - Read this 2-in-1 book which empowers young Sikh boys and girls and affirms their Sikh ideals. (Board book, $14.95)

The Milk Moustache - See Jassi's magic in cheering up Kali and making milk the preferred drink amongst the children in her village! ($9.99)

Gidhaa Rani. Learn about Gidhaa, a traditional Punjabi folk dance from young Daya! ($9.99)

Sikh Gurus - Learn about the illustrious ten Sikh gurus and their teachings. (Chapter book, $11.99)

Guru Nanak - This books explores the story of Sikhism's founder from Amar Chitra Katha($3.50).

Amma, Take Me to the Golden Temple. Insightful chapter book that explores many stories of the Sikh Faith, and creates a visceral experience of the cornerstone monument for most Sikhs, the Golden temple. (Chapter book, $12.50)

The Boy With Long Hair. A coloring book which explains the feelings of a young boy who feels isolated because of his long hair. ($4.95)

Learn about Punjabi festivals with these fun picture books: Let's Learn About Vaisakhi, Kids ($12.99) and Lohri: The Bonfire Festival ($16.95). 


Bindhu's Wedding - This beautifully illustrated book takes a child's eye view of weddings and all the fun before hand! (Picture book, $12.95)

Step up to the Plate, Maria Singh!  Learn about a little-known chapter of American history set in Yuba City, California, which has a flourishing Sikh community. (Middle Grade, $16.95)

Journey with the Gurus - A three volume spiritual guide sharing the wisdom of Guru Nanak in an accessible way for children 7 and over. 

Guru Nanak: The First Sikh Guru - This biography of Guru Nanak is illustrated in wonderful miniature paintings. (Young Adult, $24.95)

Sikh Art from the Kapany Collection: Exquisite coffee table book showcasing the breadth of the Sikh art. (Adult, $85).

Bilingual Books (English-Punjabi)

The Very Hungry CaterpillarGuess what the caterpillar is eating! (Picture Book, $14.45)

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Perfect introduction to Punjabi for the little one! (Board book, $11.95)

Games We play - Take a trip down memory lane with these age-old games. (Picture book, $12.95)

 Baba Ditta's Turnip. A hilarious folktale about a Punjabi farmer who struggles to uproot a giant turnip, touching on issues of co-operation and perseverance. (Coloring book, $4.95) 

The Wheels on the Bus - This classic song sounds so fun in Punjabi! (Board book, $11.99)

Hansel and Gretel - Read this well known story in a new language! (Picture book, $14.45)

Learn more about Sikhs and their faith with this video "We are Sikhs" by the National Sikh Foundation.


Check out Social Justice books 



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  • Steven Moore on

    I am very interested in the Sihk religion. I met Manveer Bains and his family years ago. Unfortunately i met his family for his death. I recently had a triple bi pass on Wednesday. I became aware of myself. I grew up Pentecostal, 15 years of AA, and 15 years on drugs but still not drinking. I am 51. My life is not working and its not me being creepy. I dont think? Everything i have learned from the few people i have met makes sense. Im so self centered, unhappy, friendless, and a good man. I help, im honest, and i dont steal. Either i dont get friends, love, and respect from anyone. Or I don’t feel i deserve it. Manveer made an impact on me and i feel it to be a tragedy to not look into this. I am disabled and dont make much to buy a lot so i am asking for some help. I am not sure what i am asking for. My moms church wanted 10 percent of income. I came back to Las Vegas because of free Buddhist 101 classes that no longer seem to exist. Bhudism seems similar to me but like I said, I am very interested in the Sihk beliefs. Thank you.

  • G on

    Hi folks! I am looking for a book that my mom bought me ages ago- it’s called “The Sikh Gurus” and it had a picture of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and 2 people following him. The stories were about all the 10 Gurus, and was written like stories that kids would enjoy! Please help!!
    Thanks in advance!

  • Sikhism History on

    Thanks for sharing the information about the books.

  • Sikhism History on

    Thanks for sharing the information of the book.
    Sikhism History

  • Lohgarh Khalsa Rajdhani on

    Thanks for sharing the books information. If you wish to read Books on Sikh History, view Books on Lohgarh – World’s Largest Fort – and its beliefs and practices, history and philosophy. Lohgarh is a historic town in Bilaspur tehsil of Yamunanagar district of Haryana in India. It was the capital of the Sikh state under Banda Singh Bahadur from 1710 to 1716. you can visit to know more.

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