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Picture Books For Fathers' Day

Father's Day

Fathers' Day is coming up, and we have the perfect gift for for dads and kiddos who love to snuggle and read! We've found this selection of diverse books that showcase special moments between fathers and their children, where dads nudged their children to do something different, or showered them with gentle love.

This Fathers' day, let's celebrate all the dads with these fun books!


My Daddy Rules the World: Poems About Dads:  A heartwarming book with 16 poems that explore different moments of a relationship between a dad and his child, whether it's reading together, or teaching his little one how to ride a bike. 

Never Say A Mean Word Again!: Take a trip to medieval Spain in this silly-funny story about a father who tells his son to make amends with another boy without ever saying a mean word again! Read on to find out how little Samuel meets his dad's challenge!

Bilal Cooks Dal: Bilal wants to share his favorite dish with his friends so he gets cooking with his father and shares his creamy creation with all!



My Daddy is a Pretzel: A simple introduction to yoga through the eyes of a child as he imagines his daddy transform into different yoga poses such as an aeroplane, tree, bridge and triangle. A fun way for kids to spend time with their dads!

Drummer Girl: Set in Turkey, this story is about a young girl who wishes to break the gender barrier and become a musarati, drummers who wake up everyone for the morning Ramadan meal. Her father nurtures her wishes, and encourages her to fulfill her dreams!

The Little Big Man: This lighthearted poem by India's leading poet, Tagore is about a little boy who wishes to be like his dad, and dreams of how his family and others will react if he was a big as his dad! 

Yo Soy Muslim: A heartwarming letter by Mark Gonzales, a Latino Muslim father to his daughter about their Muslim identity, his own life experiences, and his aspirations for her.  


Abba's day: Ayesha and her father spend their Sunday with familiar morning routine with lots of special touches!

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