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Top Picks for Holi

Hinduism Holi

Holi is a few weeks away and in between all the preparations, it’s a great time to grab a couple books so you can explain why we celebrate Holi to your kids.

It’s so important that our children see themselves reflected in the books they read. Not only does it allows them to feel a part of a bigger community but, learn about the richness of their culture.

Here are six titles that talk about mythology, history, culture and all the fun customs like playing with pichkari’s and raang! Happy Holi and happy reading!

Amma, Tell Me About HoliBhakti Mathur has done a stellar job in making Hindu mythology and festivals fun for children with her Amma Tell Me series.  In this book, Bhakti beautifully explains the story behind Holi, its celebrations, and festivities from the voice of a mother to her children. The stunning watercolor illustrations make this book even more vivid and relatable for children. Age: 4-8 years 

Celebrate Holi With Me! (From the Toddler Diaries)After her successful book on Durga Puja, Shoumi Sen wants to teach toddlers about HoliHoli is a fun festival celebrated by many South Asians around the world. What could be more fun than messy play with colors, music, dance and yummy food? The bright illustrations and simple text explain the story behind Holi alongside the fun and festivities. This book is great for the young onesAge: 3 and up 

Dev and Ollie: Color Carnival: Dev is a young boy who doesn’t like to get messy (sound familiar?) – but then how would he enjoy Holi? Transported to Agra in his dream, he makes an unexpected friend and learns how being messy can actually be a lot of fun! An entertaining and relatable book for children living abroad, or being introduced to Holi for the first time! Age: 3 and up

Let’s Celebrate: Happy HoliFresh off the press, this book is great for classrooms. It provides a brief introduction to Hinduism, its tenets, explains the story behind Holi, and also how Holi is celebrated. With real life pictures and a greeting card activity at the end, this book is sure to introduce Holi to kids around the world in a meaningful way. Age: 5 – 7 years

Shalu, Holi Festival of ColorsThere’s a new cool girl in school and Shalu feels insecure around her.  Shalu worries that she and  Preeya don’t have anything in common and so they can’t be friends. The girls bump into each other at a Holi celebration, where they connect over fun and frolic! This book explores friendship in the backdrop of Holi and reminds young ones that two people don’t have to be alike for them to be friends.  Age: 5 and up

It’s Time for Holi: A cute book sharing the story of a little boy who can’t contain his excitement to celebrate Holi with his family and friends as winter comes to an end. Written in rhyming verse, this book provides a fun peek into the sheer joy of celebrating Holi. It does not have any references to Hinduism or share the stories behind the origin of the festival of Holi, so may work well for classrooms. Age: 5 and up

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